Since 2000: Valérie de Sarrieu has devoted herself to painting. She lives and works in the Cominges at the foot of the Pyrenees. Very regularly, she leaves to stay in different regions of France to capture the light of the landscapes that fascinate her (Aubrac, Minervois, Aveyron…).

Biographical references:

1995-2000: Toulouse workshop with Robert Thon and Maurice Mélat.

1980-1986: Restoration of murals (Cahors Cathedral, Albi Cathedral, Beynac Castle, Musée des Augustins in Toulouse).

1975-1980: Degree in art history and School of Fine Arts in Toulouse.

Main exhibitions:

• 2019: Galerie de la Barbacane, Cordes sur Ciel
• 2018: Galerie Peinture Fraiche, Paris
• 2018: Estivales Lagorre, Seix
• 2017: “Behind the hedge”, Cellar of the Château de Saurs, Lisle sur Tarn (France)
• 2016: Individual exhibition, Galerie 17, Azille (France)
• 2015: “Landscapes”, individual exhibition, Cabinet d’Architectes Cellier-Chanson-Rouède, Toulouse
• 2013: Maison de l’Occitanie, Toulouse. & Galerie Peinture Fraîche, Paris 7th
• 2012: Artbouge Gallery, Labastide Murat, Lot
• 2011: St Hilaire Luc in Corrèze & Seix in Ariège.
• 2010: Espace Bonnefoy in Toulouse
• 2009: 111 from Arts Paris, Toulouse and Lyon. & Cabinet of architects Cellier, Chanson, Rouède in Toulouse
• 2008: 111 from Arts Paris and Toulouse. & Occitan artists fair (1st prize). & Large format fair in Fréjus (1st prize)
• 2007: Gaillac Museum. & Galerie de la Daurade in Toulouse. & Gallery Foundry and wishes of artists Toulouse.
• 2006: Gallery of the “pont des arts” in Marcillac in Vallon
• 2004: Paris Contemporary Art Fair, Bastille.
• 2003: Espace Bouquières in Toulouse
• 2002: Castelsarrazin (price of the autumn fair) – “The gallery” place des Vosges, Paris.ain in front of the space made palpable….