Nathalie Barbet lives and works between Auch and Toulouse. Self-taught, she decided to devote herself entirely to ceramics in 2006. Her porcelain pieces are unique, entirely hand-modelled. After creating a spherical shape in volume, she adds elements of clay to the porcelain clay, one after the other, working with coloured engobes, engraving motifs and decorating with a brush. She deploys a vocabulary of pure forms, over which grow a constellation of organisms. The result is a series of delicate objets d’art that subtly decorate the surfaces they occupy

Nathalie Barbet’s sculptures reflect the climatic changes she has observed during her travels in Vanuatu. Like coral reefs, colour sometimes fades from her work. 

Alongside her personal work, she has been involved in the creation of the Les Aluminées collective, which has been producing collective ceramic works and exhibitions since 2011.

She has been an active member of the Terre et Terres association since 2010, with whom she collaborates in the creation and organisation of Allées céramiques de Toulouse, an annual event for potters and ceramists. 

In 2019, she is associated with the opening of Atelier 39 in Toulouse, a creative space dedicated to ceramics.

The Galerie de la Barbacane has been exhibiting Nathalie Barbet’s work since 2019.

A few recent exhibitions: 

2023 – « L’art de la céramique « Château de Lavardens (32)
2023 – Exposition Galerie éphémère la Grande Maison B.Magrez – Bordeaux (33)
2022 – Exposition « Symbiose » Galerie Art’Gentiers – Bordeaux (33)
2019 – Les Tupiniers du Vieux Lyon – Lyon (69)
2018 – Exposition collective« Rhizome » – Centre de Céramique Contemporaine – Giroussens (81)
2017 – Exposition Céramique d’Art – Château de Lavardens (32)
2017 – Exposition « Histoire de famille » Galerie Collection – Paris (75)